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Save Time and Get Quality: Our Industrial Engraving Services

May 31, 2023

Industrial Engraving is an essential aspect of many businesses that manufacture products. From small series to mass produced products, we use our engraving technology to partner with manufacturers who need to mark their parts with identifying information.

The FiveStar Difference

The process of engraving involves using a machine to mark or identify parts with various codes, letters, or logos. This process is essential for quality control, traceability, and branding purposes. However, the process of engraving can be time-consuming, which can lead to a loss of productivity and revenue. This is where FiveStar Awards & Engraving comes in! We help businesses save time and still get quality industrial engraving services.

Time is a valuable resource for businesses, and any time wasted can lead to a loss of revenue. FiveStar Awards & Engraving understands this, and we have developed a process that saves you time by delivering quality services with easy, detailed communication throughout the project. 

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work efficiently to ensure your projects are completed in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on a streamlined process that eliminates unnecessary delays. Read our five star reviews on Google!

How do we do it? We have just the right tool for the job, and the know-how to make sure it is done right.

Multiple Tools for Multiple Jobs

Let’s give a specific example. When we’re dealing with parts, the customer typically provides us with technical drawings that say what font to use, what size the font should be, how precisely distanced it should be from certain lines, etc. It is very specific. We prefer to have all the dimensions so we can faithfully create it.

Then, depending on the project needs and the type of metal we’re working with, we’ll test to figure out which machine is the best match to get the best end result. 

We have CO₂ lasers that, in layman’s terms, burn away coating on a metal. This type of method works on coated metals, but not on raw metals. There is the “old school” mechanical engraving approach, too. But a lot of our customers bring in parts made from stainless steel, aluminum, or gold brass. If those metals are brought in, then in most cases the best course of action is a fiber laser because it “eats” into the metal. 

In the images above, on the left are shell casings from a gun salute at a military funeral. The daughter wanted them engraved to distribute to the family. These were deep engraved on our fiber laser. On the right, this was a rough, antique belt buckle and it also ran on the fiber. We applied different “hatch” or “fill” settings to get different depths. Both of these were really cool projects.

If you know anything about FiveStar, it’s that our owner Lisa loves her toys (meet our machines here)! We have multiple machines, which means we can do almost any job. A key part of our process is TESTING, so we always need an extra piece that we can test, so we can get the settings right.

Industrial Engraving to Code, Mark, and Identify Your Parts

Coding and marking are essential aspects of the manufacturing process, especially for industries with stringent regulations like the automotive, aerospace, or medical device industry.

Identifying parts with accurate labeling is also crucial for many of our customers. It helps ensure correct assembly, traceability, and quality control. We help provide high-quality labeling that is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring your parts’ information remains legible throughout its lifespan.

FiveStar Awards & Engraving uses laser marking technology to provide permanent, high-quality marks on various materials such as metal and high-quality flexible plastic. Laser marking is a fast and precise process that can produce high-resolution marks.

We can help code, mark, and identify your parts with information like: 

  • Serial Numbers
  • A Logo
  • Model Numbers 
  • Barcodes
  • And more! 

Industrial Engraving for Signage, Plates, and Labeling

We also work to produce items for electric equipment, industrial complexes, offices, warehouses, and factories. If you need anything from company nameplates to pipeline flow identification to TIME CAPSULES! — we can help. 

We use high-quality flexible plastic and metal that meet labeling and safety requirements across industries. We can customize nameplates to be mounted with holes, adhesive, or magnetic backing.


More About FiveStar Awards & Engraving

We are a Cary, NC based company specialized in providing top-notch industrial engraving services to businesses across the United States. We have been serving our community for more than 20 years and are honored by the stellar reviews we receive from our customers. FiveStar Awards & Engraving provides a wide range of engraving services, including coding, marking, and identifying parts. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology and employ highly skilled professionals to deliver quality services to their clients — meet our people and our machines!

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