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Rotary Clubs: How to Grow Your Membership

August 16, 2023

Boosting Your Rotary Club’s Membership and Visibility

Rotary clubs are at the forefront of positive change in communities around the world. We choose to spotlight Rotary because, as Rotarians ourselves and as a Rotary licensee we believe in the mission and vision of Rotary. There are other service focused organizations that could also benefit from these same tools we’ll be discussing in this blog. 

The impact of your service projects can be amplified by growing your membership and increasing your club’s visibility. One powerful strategy to achieve this is utilizing promotional products to attract new members. Let’s delve into some actionable tips on how to grow your Rotary club’s membership and exposure!

1. Be Visible at Service Events with Banners

Service events are at the heart of Rotary’s mission, and making your club’s presence known at these events is crucial. Banners with your club’s name, logo, and key messaging not only provide a professional look but also create a visual connection between your club and the work being done. These banners act as a conversation starter, allowing people to easily identify who is behind the positive change they’re witnessing. It’s a simple yet effective way to spark interest and engage potential members.

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2. Create a New Member Kit

Welcoming new members with open arms is essential for retention and engagement. A personalized New Member Kit can make them feel like an integral part of the club from day one. Who doesn’t love a goodie bag full of presents?! Consider including items like custom tumblers, shirts, and pins featuring your club’s branding. These products turn new members into walking billboards, proudly showcasing their affiliation with Rotary. Not only does this foster a sense of belonging, but it also extends your club’s visibility out in the world.

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3. Distribute Custom Swag

Promotional products are powerful tools for getting your club’s message out there. Picture this: custom swag that shines at events, adds pizzazz to meetings, and even gets handed out as high-fives for community involvement. Think pens that scribble encouragement, keychains that unlock curiosity, and magnets that stick around to remind everyone of your mission — and hey, even custom-branded socks that add a touch of pep to your step! With your club’s logo and contact info front and center, it’s like a VIP pass for curious minds to hop on the action train and join the fun!

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4. Leverage Social Media and Online Presence

In today’s digital age, an active online presence is essential for reaching a wider audience. Use your club’s website, social media platforms, and email newsletters to showcase the impact you’re making in the community. Feature photos and stories of service projects and events where your promotional products are on display. Rotary has done a fantastic job with new Membership Action Plan web tools and districts are actively conducting Membership Summits. The new Rotary Brand Center contains great tools for clubs to use to enhance social. These not only highlight your club’s dedication but also demonstrates for others the value of joining your organization.

See Rotary International’s helpful brand center with social media tips 

5. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Forge partnerships with local businesses and organizations to increase your club’s exposure. Offer to display your promotional products in their establishments, along with information about your club’s activities. This cross-promotion introduces your club to a new audience and underscores the importance of community collaboration. It’s a win-win situation that can lead to both increased visibility and membership growth.

Incorporating promotional products into your Rotary club’s growth strategy can yield significant results. These items act as tangible reminders of your club’s impact and mission, fostering a sense of pride among members and attracting the attention of potential recruits. Remember, every piece of custom swag you distribute is a chance to share your story and invite others to join your journey of service.

By implementing these strategies and making the most of the promotional products available through FiveStar, you’re not only boosting your club’s visibility but also contributing to Rotary International‘s global initiatives — 10% of all our Rotary licensed sales goes back to Rotary and allows RI to do great things all over the world.

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FiveStar owners Jeff and Lisa Higginbotham are proud members of Rotary District 7710 and the Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club. Lisa is honored to be 7710 District Governor 2025-26. FiveStar appreciates Rotarian support of our business and is committed to ethical business practices in keeping with the Four-Way Test of the things we think, say, and do.

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