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Corporate Gift Giving: Is a Personalized Gift a Good Idea?

October 10, 2023

The holiday season is upon us! It’s the perfect time to show your appreciation to clients, employees, and partners. While generic gifts can be thoughtful, there’s something truly special about personalized corporate gifts. To make this year’s gift giving a little easier, we have a roundup of the best gift ideas for this holiday season.

Personalized Gifts: A Thoughtful Gesture

During the holiday season, we often find ourselves brainstorming (sometimes in agony!) over the perfect gift. Is a personalized gift a good idea? Absolutely! Personalized gifts convey a deeper level of thought and consideration. They demonstrate that you’ve taken the time to choose something meaningful, tailored specifically to the recipient. 

Gift-giving is not just an exchange of items; it’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships, express gratitude, and make people feel valued. It’s a way to show people you appreciate their support and collaboration throughout the year. When you give something personalized, it sends a powerful message: “You are important to us, and we thought of you individually.” 

How to Make It Happen: Personalization at Scale

We help make the personalization process easier for corporations who may need to customize hundreds of items. One approach is to buy bulk quantities of a single item, such as 50 tumblers, all branded with your company logo. Then, take it a step further by personalizing each item with the recipient’s name. This approach combines the branding power of your company with the personal touch that sets your gifts apart. Our team can work with you to make this process simple. Contact us today to start the conversation.

The Best Corporate Holidays Gifts for 2023

1. Wooden Cutting and Charcuterie Boards

These are a sustainable and stylish gift choice! We were at a trade show recently and were drawn to the quality, beauty, and sustainability commitment of the company who produces these boards! We had to bring them to FiveStar. 

These boards are made from high quality Acacia Hardwood and artists hand-pour eco-friendly resin that is grown, not mined. The company is woman-owned and they design each piece here in North America. We especially love their partnership with nonprofits that support reforestation. Invest in sustainable gifts that people will love and keep! 

You can have your logo engraved on a handmade resin accented cheese board or tray, or customize it as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. They make for beautiful charcuterie spreads and great conversation pieces at dinner parties. Best of all, when you’re not serving on them, they add a beautiful pop of color to your home décor.

Come by the showroom to touch & see in person! Or contact us today to place your order.


2. Sherpa Hoodies & Cozy Outerwear

Keep your clients and employees cozy with personalized Sherpa hoodies, puffer vests, and more. They can be adorned with your corporate logo and/or the recipient’s name, adding a WARM and personal touch! Practical and long lasting, a comfy hoodie is sure to be a memorable gift. 


3. Super Sized 40oz. Insulated Tumblers 

Go big with these tumblers! Who needs a refill when you can carry your whole day’s worth of coffee in one cup? These large tumblers have been trendy the past couple years. People love their generous capacity, ability to retain temperature, the tapered bottoms that fit in cup holders, and more. They’re great for outdoor activities, long road trips, or a big day at the office. Add names or even personal messages to make them extra special.


4. Etched Wine Bottles & Liquor Bottles

Wine is a timeless gift. When it’s etched with the recipient’s name and your corporate logo, it becomes an elegant and personal gesture. You supply the wine (or whichever liquor you choose). Then, we do the etching to the full bottle! Completely customizable and pricing is dependent on graphic needs and quantity. We also do wax dipping on the tops if desired!



Corporate gift giving during the holiday season is a wonderful tradition that allows businesses to strengthen relationships and express gratitude. Personalized gifts add a unique and heartfelt touch to your gestures of appreciation. Remember, it’s not just a gift; it’s a meaningful token of your appreciation!

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