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Mission Accomplished

Sharing appreciation with your nonprofit’s supporters has never been easier. We help you craft beautiful customized recognition items for your organization's biggest advocates.

Recognizing Contributions in the Nonprofit Sector

Investing in custom awards is a powerful strategy for nonprofits to recognize and appreciate the contributions, support, and achievements of individuals or organizations. 

Personalized and thoughtful recognition strengthens relationships, motivates others, and showcases the impact and values of the nonprofit. 

Uniquely crafted to your nonprofit's brand

Custom awards offer nonprofits the flexibility to design unique and meaningful recognition items that align with your mission and values. We can make something customized with your nonprofit's logo, branding elements, or personalized messages to create a lasting impression.

Types of Awards

Donor Recognition

Express gratitude for the generosity of your donors who support your programs and initiatives. Custom awards can be used to acknowledge and honor major donors, recurring donors, or individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the cause.



Volunteer Appreciation

Show appreciation to the Volunteers playing a vital role in your nonprofit’s world. Custom awards can be presented to volunteers who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, commitment, or achieved significant milestones in their service. This is a great way to encourage continued engagement and motivate others to contribute their time and skills.



Community Impact

Highlight the collective effort it takes to create positive social change. We can help you recognize community leaders, businesses, or organizations that have made a significant impact on your community or have actively supported your nonprofit’s initiatives.


Program Achievement

Take a moment to recognize successful fundraising campaigns, advocacy efforts, research initiatives, or other programs that have made a significant impact. Custom awards can serve as a way to celebrate your accomplishments and inspire continued success.

FiveStars ALL THE WAY!

FiveStar did a fantastic job in helping our company choose awards within our budget and delivered some gorgeous looking awards. We were so proud to show them off during our award ceremony this year and got some great compliments on how shiny and fancy the crystal awards looked. Your name certainly fits with the quality and customer experience…FiveStar ALL THE WAY!

— Dana Ben Halim, Realtor

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